Doekjes waar mensen graag mee schoonmaken …

Wij bieden de beste ondersteuning bij schoon-maakhandelingen door het ontwikkelen, produ-ceren en leveren van doekjes voor eenmalig gebruik. In nauwe samenwerking met onze klanten en leveranciers maken we topproducten waar mensen graag mee werken.  




Idee naar product

Voor iedere vervuiling bestaat een doekje. Voor ieder oppervlak, voor iedere houder … neem contact met ons op als u een idee hebt dat we samen kunnen uitwerken.

Kwaliteit garantie

Wij ondersteunen de professionele schoonmaak door het ontwikkelen, produceren en leveren van de beste doekjes voor het werk. Ons doel is schoonmaken sneller, makkelijker en hygiënischer te maken. We houden de markt goed in de gaten en anticiperen op ontwikkelingen zodat onze klanten


We act as agreed.

Leveringen wereldwijd

Onze locatie, op maar 15 km van Rotterdam, maakt dat wij goed zijn toegerust voor leveringen over de hele wereld, over de weg, de zee en door de lucht.

Cost efficient

There is a wipe for every budget. We strive to keep our products affordable by continuously innovating our processes. We develop and build in house specialized machines to manufacture products that meet our clients’ needs.

Customer service

Available Mo-Fr, 8:00-16:30

Specialist in floor wipes

As third generation cleaning professionals, we know what we’re talking about if it comes to wiping floors. Starting a factory in wipes was a logical step. All our cleaning knowledge is focused to giving the required result: spotless floors.

First, we dust

Dust wipes, impregnated or dry: Hewitex’s 40-years’ experience guarantees excellent dust removal 

Daily dust wiping captures 99% of pollution, including germs clinging to dust particles. Wiping with Hewitex’s single use non-woven wipes is the most effective, economic and ergonomic method to start (floor) cleaning.

Then, we mop

Floor mops, available dry or pre-wetted: Hewitex’s knowledge of cleaning and technology guarantees excellent dirt removal

Hewitex’s multi-layered speed mop, available in countless varieties, makes cleaning effortless. Spotless floors, hygienic and fast. 

Surface cleaning

Besides floor wipes, Hewitex produces a large assortment of surface wipes. Both dry and pre-wetted.

Domestic market

Hewitex has developed a large range of household products, using the expertise of professionals. Cleaning done fast and efficient.

Direct sales

Hewitex sells directly to consumers through the webshop. It is possible, after ordering by telephone first, to collect at the factory.

Cash or payment in advance by bank tranfers only.


Private label

Hewitex’ articles are sold under private label to consumers worldwide.
They can be found in supermarkets, wholesalers and DIY-stores.

Products are exclusively developed for brands, together with the brand, to fit the available tools.

Contact us for single use wipes for your own tool.


Hewitex can offer tips and tricks for all cleaning issues. Contact our sales office if you have a special inquiry.

Converting non-woven

Hewitex’s possibilities to convert non-wovens are endless. Contact us for your own products:



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